Ten incredible ideas to make this summer with your partner.

Summer is approaching giant steps and meeting people or flirting with girls becomes a much more interesting experience than at any other time of the year, but if you already have a partner or you are going to have an appointment thanks to Follamigos, do not worry : we propose you a few ideas to have fun. Beside that you also can see more designs for couple outfits.

Summer is always an exciting time. Everyone is a little happier, you can do more outdoor activities and check the topic: love is in that air. Forget dinner and movie. Get an appointment with Follamigos and go explore the summer.

I am a great advocate of doing things when you stay with people. Dining with someone and talking about certain topics gives you information, but doing active things much more . In addition, you are exploring the world: you create new memories, increase your levels of dopamine and serotonin and interact with the world, in general.

1. The beach and other shores

Let’s start with the obvious: go to the beach. Spain has approximately 6,000 km of coastline and is the number one country in the world in this type of tourism, it will be something.

That without even counting all the ponds, rivers, streams, water wells, hot springs or waterfalls. Wherever you live, there is some kind of water more or less nearby .

I do not know why water has that relaxing effect, but I think that’s the way it is for almost everyone. Walking along the paths of the rivers, kayaking through the coves of any of our archipelagos, sunbathing on the beaches or paddling in the crystal clear lakes of the Pyrenees will relax you and give you wonderful moments outdoors . Click here if you want to get more style for matching couple outfits.

2. Water Parks

There are things that we stop doing, not because we do not want to do them, but because we are adults.

Losing that is losing freedom.

Going to a water park with a girl you have stayed with through our dating website is original and very fun.

It does not have to be on the first date, nor on the second, but the proposal will be a sure surprise.

When was the last time you lined up to do something that gave you (confess) fear?

I assure you that one day in a water park will be a rebellion against your adulthood and that, even for a day, is something wonderful.

Of course, make sure your appointment is comfortable with the idea .


From getting lost with a tent for some inhospitable place to glamping there is a great variety of types of camping, so surely there is one that adapts to your needs .

You can rent a cabin, or even go to a luxury camping with butler.

The case is to sleep under the stars and have an affair with the woman that you like most at that moment.

If you go at your own risk and camp in very isolated areas, it is better not to bring food that can be left halfway. The smell could attract the wildlife of the area. In Spain, moreover, it is illegal to camp in any area not marked for that purpose. Overnight is totally legal.

4. Local events

In summer, all cities are engaged in activities to attract tourists and retain their own citizens.

You just need to Google the words “events” and “your city” to get a giant list of things to do. But everything does not have to be art and culture.

A good search for events in your city and you will find local wine tastings, artist exhibitions, nature excursions and concerts, among many other things.

People tend to fall into the routine and their originality stays in the appointment for a few drinks.  

Summer lends itself to breaking routines .

5. Travel by car

Oh, the summer trip by road. Windows down, butt music, uncertain road.

Road travel is something that every couple has to do before they get older in a relationship.

Can you think of a better way to meet someone than spending hours and hours in the privacy of a car?

Traveling is one of the best ways to get to know your partner, besides having sex.

Does discomfort bother you? Do you enjoy both a mortadella sandwich and a more expensive menu? Is brave? Do you like adventure or do you prefer to play it safe? Do you like to go to cities or is it more for rural tourism? Do you like to go cross country or do you prefer to follow the path?

If the person you are with is a recent appointment made through our web of contacts, you do not need to plan a trip through half of Spain.

Simply, find something a couple of hours (at most) away from your city. The important thing is the change of mentality and state of mind that you get when you change your location and leave your routine.

6. Employer parties

In summer, Spain is full of patron festivities. Almost all the towns of the state have such parties in the months of July, August or September.

How about going to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain during your holidays? It does not matter that you do not know anyone.

Meeting people during a festivities is something very simple in our country. And if this is not the case, what difference does it make? You are with your partner, or with your flirt for a couple of nights, or in the middle of an extramarital adventure, it does not matter: the fun is the same.  

Charangas, verbenas, peñas, etc. If you’re Spanish, you know what I’m talking about.

You also have the best of two worlds: the tranquility and the surroundings during the day and the party and the surroundings during the night .


The classic among summer classics, so much so that it is disappearing as fast as a celluloid coil in the sun. But if you are lucky enough to live more or less near a drive-in, do not hesitate: it ‘s the perfect date .

The advantage of this appointment is that you can carry it out with a girl or boy you just met or with your stable partner. You arrive, you tune your car radio to the sound of the movies and you go to dinner while the first one starts.

In all the autocines there are crappy restaurants where you can order hamburgers and hot dogs in the purest American style. Ok, they are not very aphrodisiac foods , but you will not need them. The fact of going to a drive-in is an aphrodisiac in itself. 

The drive-in is his invention, after all. And the cinema, although it was invented by the Lumière brothers, is also something very much theirs. The third national industry, to give a datum.

The fact is that we all know what can be done in a movie theater with an appointment and we all know what can be done in a car with an appointment .

So if we unite the two things …

8.The adventure calls you

And we do not mean to have an affair with a married woman , that also, but to have an adventure date. Rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping, paragliding, hiking.

The adventure consists of having an intense and recreational activity in nature , so it will be a very complete day with segregation of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and a lot of other things that will make you feel euphoric.

And the icing on the cake: the room of a rural house with a good bathtub where two people fit and views of the forest. Wearing matching couple outfits is one of the good idea for couple.

It’s the perfect date.

9. Learn with your partner to do something new

Do you have free time? What if you learn to do something that neither of you knew how to do? Kite Surf, driving a scooter …

My partner and I learned to ride a motorcycle very recently on Kho Thao, a Thai island. It was the only way to get around if you wanted to enjoy all the attractions of the island without spending a lot of money. So we had no choice but to learn how to take a scooter.

And it was wonderful. Learning the two to ride a motorbike at the same time united us in a way we would never have thought of. It was one of the best things of the trip.

If it’s a first date or you have not been here for a long time, my recommendation in this section is to do an intensive course of something that you both like. Do you like Sushi? There are ways to learn to do it in an afternoon, from tutorials on YouTube to in-person courses in restaurants.

10.Go to a music festival

Obviously, that you like both. Do not take your partner to a metal festival if what is going is indie music. But going as a couple to a festival is wonderful.

Meet people, put piripis and listen to your favorite group is milk .

If on top of a group plays your song, it will be incredible.

Music festivals are venues where magic reigns, where everything can happen and, in fact, happens.

If your partner is recent you will go crazy to each other and if you take more time too. The trust between you both may take you to places you had not imagined.

Believe me when I tell you that the place in the world where you have the best chance of making a trio is a music festival.

Well, or in your camping area.

Stable couple or one night roll?

All the ideas presented in this article serve both situations but work best with a stable partner .

Even so, if you do not have it, or are looking for something else, do not hesitate to join the largest community of open and liberal people in Spain for free.

The men and women who join Follamigos.com have very clear things.

Our name says it all.

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