How to make laugh to the girl you like.

We’ve all heard it: if you want to flirt with a woman, the best thing is to make her laugh. But not everyone is Dani Rovira, right? Neither does he need to.

Let’s be honest: either you have it or you do not have it.

There is a great permanent philosophical discussion about talent. And the truth is that it is not clear if it is born or made.

I believe that one is born with talent, but only it is not enough, it is necessary to cure it . For example, if you want to succeed in the world of Stand Up, or monologues of humor, it is not enough to be funny, (even if it is essential) you have to work it out.

In the world of love, it’s something different: you do not have to make an effort to be funny if you are . Everything will come out naturally: the jokes and jokes will adapt to the context as it emerges.

But if you do not have much sense of humor you have to work out a strategy to make it flourish. At least if you want to make a woman fall in love or make her notice you. 

Although you have to know one thing: be punctually funny without being naturally or usual is one of the most complicated and likely to fail that exist in the world of dating.

The first thing you have to ask yourself if you want to flirt with the girl you like is what your weapons are and in what terrain you are moving.

Everyone likes to laugh , but not everyone considers it important.

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There are men and women who only look at the physical either because they are pretty shallow people or because they only look for one night sex.

Other people are looking for their better half (although we have already said in previous articles that this does not exist, you are a complete being in itself) and others do not know what they are looking for.

Maybe the woman you want to flirt with is married and, even though she likes you, she feels a lot of pressure for your courtship, so she is not for many jokes. Being faithful is complicated , but being unfaithful too. 

The possibilities are endless.

The fact is that if you are not a particularly funny person but you have other weapons of seduction, maybe you should give up humor.

Never go back, never give up.

Ok, you know you can flirt with the woman you like through humor and you do not have a sense of humor, but you think you’re capable of training him.

I’ll give you a few tips.

There are many types of humor. Find out what makes you laugh and what bothers you.

Especially in these times, with the debates around the limits of humor.

It’s sad, but very few people understand that a joke, however black, is within the realm of fiction.

Say, for example, “is that Hitler has only been told the bad” can be very funny if your interlocutor knows perfectly that you think that everything related to Nazism and the Holocaust is one of the greatest barbarities in the history of mankind. Otherwise I could believe that you agree with the National Socialist ideas. And that has no hint of grace.

It ‘s easier to grace a well-known woman than one you just met.

In groups of friends there is something called private humor or comic perspective. And everyone knows the code, so many times people “from the outside” do not laugh at something that causes others hilarity.

Ligando the same thing happens. If you already know the woman you want to have more intimate contacts with, you may be able to make jokes about your life together or something that you both know.  

If you do not know her, you have to walk with feet of lead . No politics, or doing black humor , or talking bad about the boss in the case of being new in the job, or that she is new to her, and so on.

Observation is vital because it fosters the most valuable humor: spontaneous humor.

You need to have talent to tell jokes and who does it well has success assured in many social facets of life, but there is one kind of humor, the improvised, which denotes something more than skill: intelligence.

People are seduced by humor because it makes us happy and because it denotes skill and intelligence. The benefits of laughter on both a psychological and physiological level have been amply demonstrated scientifically. In fact, there is an evolutionary component in attracting people with a sense of humor.

So, look at your surroundings and “get the point” . Find the special angle of a thing or situation. Something that makes it stand out and start it from its mediocre normality .

If you have a relationship with you and the woman you want to flirt with , better than better.

He uses sarcasm, irony and exaggeration: they almost never fail.

There is a place in the world where it is almost impossible to make humor, and it is not a burial. It’s an office at ten in the morning.

The elements in an office are not very given to the comedy, but if you use sarcasm, irony and exaggeration, you can work magic.

Imagine that the boss just fired the whole team because everyone is late to work. He has raised his voice far above the usual and what the rules of the most elementary education indicate. You can comment on the bajini to the person you want to flirt with.

“I think he’s aphonic, he should take care of himself a bit.”

“As the vein in your forehead explodes, we go to lunch.”

“Today we do not leave until tomorrow”

These comments that do not have any grace (believe me, I am aware) said spontaneously and taking into account the context can generate a smile on the girl you like.

And that’s what you want.

Everything starts with a smile.

You’re not going to flirt with anyone if at least you have not pulled out a smile before. You can reach sexual agreements, have a cold and aseptic night roll, but to be really comfortable with someone, to make it worthwhile, laughter has to appear.

Get in with her.  

It’s a bit childish, but it works. It is the concept “those who fight are wanted” but without adolescent exaggeration.

If you take it too far, you encourage exactly the opposite of what you want to encourage . The sense of humor and empathy are two things that go together, irremediably. So you have to take into account your feelings and see what you are provoking.

Sticking with your soccer team the day you lose five to zero usually works unless you are the president of the club in question.

Is your bag especially big? You can say something like, “Where did you tell me you had the chalet? In that bag? “

The fact is that messing with her (carefully, elegantly) will give you clues.

“Why do you mess with me and not others?”

Not everything has to be puyas. You have to alternate them with compliments. But do not exaggerate in either extreme.

Laugh at yourself

There is one thing that is really sexy: to see a person laugh with confidence.

Let’s say you’re gay and you like a guy who is not very clear if he is gay too. There are three people in the conversation. The homophobic cocoon, you, who are gay (is an example) and the boy you like.

Many t-shirt for couples with funny quotes that you can get some to give each other a good period of time.

CAPULLO HOMÓPHOBO (pointing): Do you know that he likes to make things disappear in his ass?

THE BOY YOU LIKE (nervous): Oh yes?

YOU:  Yes, good, only those that do not have suction cups.

In this compromised situation, the homophobic cocoon has lost out. I wanted to make humor at your expense (shabby humor, as you have seen) and you have given a twist to his speech, improving it remarkably and showing an enviable security.

And that’s sexy.

iberar always generates tension relief and laughter. 

Let’s say you’re finishing dinner on a date and it’s time to pay. Take the receipt immediately and double or triple the price of the account.

“Oysters, 180 euros? There must be an error, God, 90 euros the wine! “

If you are good you can join it to the fact that you have left your wallet at home, although that will make it more unlikely unless it has been clear in the appointment that you are quite forgetful.

That will create tension. Well, by releasing it, that is, revealing that everything is a joke, that everything is within normal margins, you will generate the effect of relief and laughter.

Be careful with creating tension: you must know when to release it, otherwise the thing stops being funny .

Heavy jokes only like the one who spends them, and you do not want that.

Learn not to be afraid of the judgment of others.

If you wait to be alone with the person with whom you want to have an adventure to make her laugh you will lose many opportunities, so you have to learn not to be afraid of what they will say.

Even the best comedians in the world fail with many of their jokes. It is inevitable that it happens to them.

Having a sense of humor is almost the same as not being afraid of failure to show it.

Read the masters of comedy. Read the drama masters. Read. Watch good movies. Go to the theater.

A basic pillar of humor is to make connections with distant elements. And to make these kinds of connections you need culture. And the best way to acquire culture is to read, although, today, it sounds anachronistic.

There are many forms of art that you can consume to acquire culture, such as television series.

Here you can see an example of remote elements to make comedy: Darth Vader and an ice cream. 

What does Darth Vader keep in the freezer? Dark ice cream  

Why read the drama masters? What will Crime and Punishment have to do with humor? Well, everything and nothing.

Life and humor are inseparable and for some strange reason, pain often causes us to laugh .

The first comedies of the cinema, with Buster Keaton and Charles Chaplin at the head were situations where the protagonist did nothing more than hitting each other or getting rid of outrages and that kind of miracle tragedies.

The whole world laughed with laughter watching Charlot eating a shoe because he was about to starve.

It’s not a very funny situation, right?

Well yes it is. The best humor is that which comes from the drama .

And it is that:

If you can not do comedy with the drama, you win the drama.

Remember your goal: make him laugh to flirt with her.

Laughter does not have to be an objective in itself, but a “by-product” of your conversation with it.

An indication that things are going well.

Humor and love are two words that are very similar and have a good open relationship, but they are not the same. 

If your main goal is to make people laugh, it is very likely that you will overdo it and end up looking like an 800-pound peacock: attractive, but heavy.

Flow and play tricks when you see the opportunity. But do not stretch the chewing gum too much: it always ends up breaking.

Someone is laughing now.

Follamigos is the largest open and liberal community of people in Spain . That’s why there is such a good feeling among our users.

There is everything: people who are interested in humor and people who do not think at all in this facet of life.

You will find people that you like again.

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