How to go from a bad date to an excellent date

Sometimes, having an appointment becomes a nightmare. Most of us have been to at least one of them. How to do to mitigate its effects? How to learn from them? How to have fun? Keep reading.

If you are single, you are likely to have some bad appointments in the future. It’s a matter of probability, especially if you’re a demanding guy. So I thought it would be wise to outline a few tips to avoid having a date become a nightmare. Click here to see more design relating to matching couple outfits.

  1. Do not stay for dinner until the third appointment.

This is one of the most valuable tips. I do not think staying at dinner is a good idea on a first date, however much they do it at First Dates. For several reasons.

  1. The scenario is not prepared for chemistry to arise. Sitting facing each other, practically unable to touch you, looking directly into your eyes, you can feel uncomfortable and strangely confronted.
  2. A dinner can last a long time, it can be expensive and problems can arise, such as flavors you hate, throwing wine, leaving a piece of chicken with mayonnaise in your mustache, or worse, in the middle of your face. They are situations that can be funny in the third appointment, but they are almost never in the first.
  3. The most important thing is to have short and predictable appointments the first two times. How about a coffee and a walk in the old town? How about going to take a clear to a sunny place? You always have to do what the future of the event imposes, but, in principle, you protect yourself against many problems if the first ones are short.
  1. Make the conversation more interesting

When people meet for the first time, there is a litany of boring and logical questions that inevitably become: Where are you from? What do you do? Where do you live?

But relationships are not logical; They are emotional. The first and most important thing is to ask positive emotional questions. Instead of “Where did you go to college?”, Ask “What was the best party you went to in college?” To answer, your appointment will have to resort to good memories. Matching couple outfits also be great choice to have a gift for your partner.

And that’s always good.

Have wonderful things happened to you in your life? Of course I do, but does anyone ever ask you about them? Probably not.

Everyone, however gray his life, has had wonderful things in it. It’s good to ask about these things. If someone tells you that you have not had any wonderful time in your life I advise you to run away.

Pessimistic and negative people are capable

to infect his way of

see life amazingly.

  1. Do not be afraid to change places. Maybe the appointment is not going well because the place you have chosen to take something is the worst.

And where you are sometimes is determining for your mood.

For example, if you are sitting at the table, you have ordered snacks, you can barely hear your date and it is very cold in the restaurant, you may be having a disastrous date. Instead of accepting it, try to change the mood by going to a different place.   

But it is important that your appointment agree. You do not want to be like an impulsive madman who does not have the opinion of others, right?

  1. Use your failed appointment to practice your flirting skills.

It will sound weird, but if you have an appointment with someone you know you do not want to see again, then that’s where you can start having fun.

If you really like it and want to see it again, you can avoid certain topics, not go into some questions or make sure you do not drink too much. If you know you do not want to see her again, you must not be afraid of failure.

Use this to practice your skills to go out and have fun at the same time. Take out all the weird questions you’ve wanted to ask and you’ve never dared, become a character, try to have sex without compromise. Live a little.

  1. Be honest if you are having problems with the appointment.

Many times, talk about the problems you are having during the appointment, help. If you’re both having an uncomfortable conversation, you both know it. It is better to talk about it than to try not to think about the pink elephant (the date goes wrong, the date goes wrong, the date goes wrong) that has settled in the minds of the two. Sometimes admitting that the date seems a bit uncomfortable can ease the tension.

If you are having continuous clumsiness it is better to admit that you are clumsy than to try to get away from them.

Say something like: “I’m so sorry. I’m really nervous. I have not had a date in a long time, and I really enjoy talking with you. “

  1. Do not lie about a future appointment.

There is nothing worse than not knowing what went wrong. If you’re in the middle of the appointment or at the end and you know it’s not going to work, let us know.

Say something like: “I’m having a good time, but I think we’re looking for different things. I’m leaving, thanks for everything. I hope you find the right person for you. “

Do not make false promises about an upcoming appointment just to avoid an uncomfortable situation at that time.

  1. End the appointment early

If you have decided that you can not be with this person, you can finish the appointment earlier than planned. There are many ways to do it, from having your friend call you with an “emergency” or sabotaging the appointment by talking about your ex’s crazy, to graphic details about your testicular surgery and recovery.

Although the best thing is to be sincere: “Look, this is not working, I would prefer to leave.”

If you resort to the first options keep in mind that Karma is a bastard and sooner or later ends up returning things.

  1. Do not endure bad behavior

While it is good and adult to try and see if you can save the appointment, do not tolerate bad behavior. Just because you said yes you would go does not mean you are bound by contract to stay all the time. This is especially true if the person is behaving badly.

If you feel uncomfortable or feel that they are attacking you in some way, or do not stop looking at the mobile or pass you in some other way, leave without feeling guilty.

  1. Think of your well-known singles

It may be that your blind date (or after being through [PAGE-NAME]) is not right for you, but that does not mean it is not appropriate for another person. Are you sure you do not know anyone to pair with? Think of single friends you can have. Do any of them hit her? Everyone seeks happiness and perhaps you can help two other souls find it.

  1. Do not blame yourself. Congratulate yourself.

A large part of an appointment is something mental. If you have a bad date, you may feel like blaming yourself. Do not do it. Your date has become a training for later dates, not the end of the dating world championship.

Instead, you have to learn to congratulate yourself and increase your self-esteem. “I’m glad I discovered that it was not right for me before I lost more time / effort / money with it” or “At least I left my comfort zone and had the courage to cut the thing in time”.

It does not mean that it does not sting you. It will, but if you can learn to give yourself a pat on the back, it is much easier to go out and stay with people than if you start to martyr yourself.

  1. Learn to analyze yourself.

Ask yourself “What did I do well?” There can be many things: choose a good place to have the date, make the girl laugh, get good conversation topics.

While it is good to want to improve, it is also very important that you congratulate yourself for what you did well. Then, ask yourself: “What could I have done better?” Note that I did not say: “What have I done wrong?” The words we use, even in our own mind, can influence us without knowing it and, in fact, they do. Do not say you did something wrong.

However, think of some things you can do differently. Things like:

I should not have talked so much about myself.

I learned that asking about the past does not usually work.  

I would have given him a kiss on the lips instead of two on the cheek.

In this way, after each appointment, you can see what you have done and improve it for the next one.

Bad quotes happen to everyone, what matters is how to make the most of the situation.

If you are looking for a long-term partner, you will surely have some bad experiences in the process. I went on a date once and the girl said she planned to get married before six months. Another one got so drunk that I had to take her home and put her to bed.

All you have to do is be a good person and keep your sense of humor up. If you add to that your ability to turn the page, I promise you, sooner or later, you’ll find someone worthwhile.

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