How to get the feeling of being a successful man

You know that rock singer … Or rather, know ANY rock singer who has a band and is successful?

The first thing this guy earns, even before the money drips into the bank account, is a ton of women vying for it to have the pleasure of spending a night at his side.

And if you think this is because of the love of music, or because the guy in question is super sexy … Okay, but think of all the musicians you know. They all have a legion of fans, no matter what style!

And you there thinking that I’m telling you to go up on stage and sing … None of this brother, what I want is to get you the reason why these women worship the guys just because they’re up there.

If you still do not understand what they have in common, think of a successful face of the business world. A powerful bussines man speaking at a university will leave a trail of sighs as he passes by.

Nowadays even the younger priests have attracted women when they appear in the media, in the social networks, etc.

What ALL these guys have in common is a single element that is independent of beauty, money, body, size of the stick … What they have in common is:


Women feel biologically attracted to successful men and this has an explanation.

In the stone age, the women who won the best fisherman, the best hunter, the man who could support them and their offspring were the winners. Many style for matching couple outfits, if you want to get one can find it out here

So if you want a woman to choose you before you even choose, you need to get the feeling of being a successful man. Here’s how to do this:

How to get the feeling of being a successful man for women in two steps

1 – Define success

For a woman, it does not really matter what area you work, if it works, or what you do in your life. The important thing is that you succeed in this.

Social status is the most important and, in order to convince it, it is essential to be sincere.

So you do not necessarily have to have an occupation. Suppose you are unemployed totally without money. Okay, that’s not what’s going to stop him from winning a girl.

Think about the activities you enjoy: do you like sports, play beach volleyball, for example? So that’s your step of success. Here’s how to direct a conversation:

“I’m taking it lightly so I will not end the game tomorrow.

“Ah, you play what?”

“Me and my friends hit a ball on the beach, nothing more (false modesty).

– I love beach, do you play soccer?

“I would not take my chances, my thing is beach volleyball itself. Go there tomorrow and you will see.

– Nice! I’ll go, where will you play?

– In Ward 12, arrive early to get a place … If you want to pay me the bet, just call the Cadu that the crowd thinks to me.

– Bet? What bet …

“Until the end of the night you’re going to lose a bet for me.”

– And what will we bet?

– You do not have to hurry to know, after all you’ll lose even hehe

Okay, now you’ve made it clear that you’re successful and she’ll make it easier for you, brother!

2 – Winning stance

You will make a radical change in your presentation. I’m not just talking about clothes, but also about how to behave.

This blog is full of posts in which I talk about how to dress, what not to wear, how to walk, where to look … You can use these study materials to make up your look.

If you are too shy, initially the thing will flow better if you create a character, which is you successful.


Just a tip: do not be arrogant ever! Women hate arrogant men.

Education is a habit of the successful and you will make it clear that it is one of them following the 2 basic rules:

– Ask to get something to pick up or pick up the phone, but do it only if it really matters, because they can take advantage of the fact that you are busy to jump out.

They do not want a busy guy, they want to get attention from a successful man. Did it make a difference?

Example: “Excuse me, I need to see your ring up close (take your hand)”, “Excuse me, I’ll see if he does not bother us anymore.”

– Apologize when you make a mistake. Women love men who have the capacity to apologize, but ask only when they really need it.

Example: “Wow, I’m sorry, I did not see your purse was here,” “I’m really sorry, I understood something completely different when you said it, let’s start over then”, “I’m sorry for him, he’s a good friend, from the point in drink “.

With this image adjustment and approach you will look very successful and, best, without even telling a lie!

At the end of the night you will feel better about yourself and you will realize that success can be achieved in any area under any circumstances. What will direct your success is your own attitude.

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