Has she changed with you? Tips to make a woman always interested in being with you

Relationships are connections that at certain moments we have a certain difficulty in maintaining, or, for even more professional questions, we do not want to have a “contract” of dating, we want to be free. But that does not mean that the desire is to be alone.

Let’s be honest, of course, finding someone special is not a simple task, because sexual compatibility is sometimes found where we least expect it.

It’s possible to keep up cool moments, and have sporadic encounters, but let’s understand a woman’s head, if you do not keep in touch, show her that she’s “alive”, she can get off the hook and not accept your invitation, right ?! How many times have you been through this ?!

But if you follow the following tips, you will never go through this again. After all, how to keep an active conversation with a woman and so make invitations at the right time? Discover how to successfully maintain a colorful friendship relationship. If you are interested in gift for couples, you can see it more at matching couple outfits.

Tips for Attracting a Woman’s Attention

First be gentleman :

Nothing catches a woman’s attention more than well-bred men. Being a gentleman these days goes far beyond opening the door of the car, sending flowers, in fact what they even notice is being polite, understanding, knowing how to listen to others and, especially, being solicitous with strangers.

So if you want to keep “interesting” and want to keep in touch with the girl, whenever you can, be gentleman not only with her but with all other people, from the restaurant waiter to the valet, for example.

Have a sense of humor with the woman :

Good humor is, and always will be, the key to success with women, no matter what happens, always keep one thing in mind: no woman in the world bears a grumpy man.

If you want to attract women, show that one of their main characteristics is their sense of humor. 

But calm, that does not mean that making jokes like a clown will help you … but to smile more regularly, to make compliments, to laugh and to participate in amusing situations, etc.


Write down the reminder of your cell phone, never, ever, make strange sings, you’re not in a play, man!

Praise subtly when she deserves it, but never have ready-made phrases or key situations to do this, at least in the stage of attraction. For what do we want? Let her answer the messages and accept your invitations to leave.


Want to attract a woman? Do not let her feel like the last wafer in the package. In fact, do not let her see that’s what you think. The famous practice of leaving them in “water bath”, does not work (who one day said that this works?).

They realize very easily that the conversation you are having with her now may have already occurred ten minutes earlier with another girl. You must have a good chat at the time of conquest , not a cliche.

Mind the Visual: 

A man who dresses well shows that he has, besides good taste, a striking style. But dressing well does not mean wearing a suit like you’re always ready for a meeting. Click on here to come with matching couple outfits!

Being neat, it should be a daily practice and can even be made with a shirt and shorts, as long as they are in good condition.

Avoid flip-flops unless the situation requires these shoes. Under no circumstances should you leave your home in old clothes, wrinkled, smelly or torn.

And of course, hair cut, or well combed. Always remember to pass an interesting scent to the event that you go to. They will repair it, and will most certainly want to see you again.

Intelligence :

Besides good humor, another thing that attracts women is intelligence. How to hold a long conversation with her if you have no subject? Of course it will not.

Keep up-to-date, always try to find out what subjects please you, draw a subject, even if the first sentence is, “Hello, Good morning, how are you?”, Find it simple, yeah!

However, she will be curious and will answer, the problem is if you stick around, no: “Hi, okay!”, No !!!! This is just to start, then talk about the day, the weekend, tell them you remembered her … comment on the last exit they had.

Of course, it will also draw subject, and thus, you will keep more contact and more and more frequent, since more and more she will feel more comfortable in looking for you to talk.

She will continue to ask questions, if she likes you, she will want to know more about you. Pay attention to how she is involved in your conversation and tries to keep you talking by asking questions.

If she does not strive to maintain a dialogue, giving answers with just one word, it is an indication that she is not interested.

Social networks:

Nothing better to be remembered nowadays! A tanned in a photo on Instagram, or facebook, can be the seasoning for you to keep in touch.

Instagram and Facebook are gold mines of information . If you find evidence that she visits your page, such as comments on old photos or links, it is because you are looking for more information. The attraction makes her curious to know more about you.

Stay alert, because even if there is no request for friendship in the social network she may be expecting a contact in real life.

Therefore, the power to attract a woman is a skill and, like all other skills, can be developed. Training! That’s right, training, go testing … do not always use the same “form”, each woman is unique, after all, we never know what they are thinking.

Just as we were not born knowing how to drive a car or play a musical instrument, we were not born either knowing how to arouse their interest. Getting her to always treat you well, respond to your messages, have an interest in being with you is something that can be improved.

Could not you conquer, let alone keep her interested?

Know the infallible method that will let you leave any woman at your feet.

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