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Follamigos knows that physical attraction is very important when it comes to flirting with people, especially the first moments.

We are all judges. And what is worse, we issue verdicts without much information. That’s what happens when you look at a person who is trying to connect with us. According to a study by  John Bargh of Yale University, we only need two hundredths of a second for our brain to make a first impression about someone , classify and judge them. Bad roll, right ?. In our day to day, we are more implacable than any judge of the national audience. Let’s see what it takes to make a good impression:

  • Cleaning is basic.  It never hurts to remember. Bad odors, stains on clothes and general dishevelment do not help at all.
  • Be nice  No matter the style, but be consistent with it. If you’re going to grunge, you’re not going to fit a Channel bag. It is not a good idea to transmit contradictory feelings when meeting people. It can create discomfort for the other party.
  • Be true to your style. No one is comfortable being someone who is not and that shows in the long run. You can change your look to have a sporadic sex night , but little else.
  • Smile.  The smile is a key capable of opening a thousand doors. It transmits closeness and the will to interact at an unconscious level.
  • Shows firmness and security.  Someone sure of himself is someone attractive to the opposite sex. Do not ever think about giving the soft hand, you have to press firmly, but without exaggeration. As for the two kisses, really, that to give them in the air, without touching, is something horrible.

If you already have your partner, let think about a gift with matching couple outfits for both, your love will excited and like it.

Many people believe that they have a special ability to know people . Everyone knows someone who has said “I call people in a second”. Surely you are one of those people with such skill for psychology. Bad news: almost everyone feels that way. We look at others and select data that confirms what we feel , that is, we only pay attention to those characteristics of the other person that fit with the preconceived image we have constructed at the moment of knowing it. If we think that someone is a stingy, we will pay attention, and therefore we will remember much better, the times that person has not tipped or escaped to pay something.

When it comes to meeting people , we do something similar, we form an opinion and act according to it, let’s give a practical example:

“Juan has just found a partner in Follamigos for Saturday night. The photos that the girl has sent him are of heart attack so Juan, who knows how to make a good impression, is arranged according to his style: informal and modern, but without going overboard. A touch of final cologne and you’re ready for the appointment.

When the time comes, he sees the girl appear and realizes that she does not seem very groomed and that she looked prettier in the photos, feels a bit disappointed and deduces that she is not willing to have sex on the first date . From that moment, Juan enters a mental state of suspicion that is not going to facilitate at all the good development of the evening. Click on here to find out matching couple outfits.

The fact is that the girl has not considered very important to take care of her appearance because she is aware that she is a good lover and believes that this is enough, but the appointment does not go as neither of the two expected. Juan has become defensive and has turned out to be a lot more bland in person than through Follagos,  and she did not seem interested in judging by his appearance . The result is that they are dismissed politely. “

What happened? In short, Juan, letting himself be carried away by his first wrong impression, has lost the opportunity to have sporadic sex without compromise by misinterpreting the signals that the girl’s appearance sent him  . The two would have spent a fabled night, but prejudices and bad first impressions have prevented it.

One of the worst consequences of making an impression of how someone is so (inevitably) superficial and fast is that it costs a lot to change it, but we have to do everything possible to overcome it, so it is important to listen and be open , never You know the surprises that await us behind the facade that has left us a little cold.

Remember. The first impression counts , but it does not have to be everything.

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