How to get the feeling of being a successful man

You know that rock singer … Or rather, know ANY rock singer who has a band and is successful?

The first thing this guy earns, even before the money drips into the bank account, is a ton of women vying for it to have the pleasure of spending a night at his side.

And if you think this is because of the love of music, or because the guy in question is super sexy … Okay, but think of all the musicians you know. They all have a legion of fans, no matter what style!

And you there thinking that I’m telling you to go up on stage and sing … None of this brother, what I want is to get you the reason why these women worship the guys just because they’re up there.

If you still do not understand what they have in common, think of a successful face of the business world. A powerful bussines man speaking at a university will leave a trail of sighs as he passes by.

Nowadays even the younger priests have attracted women when they appear in the media, in the social networks, etc.

What ALL these guys have in common is a single element that is independent of beauty, money, body, size of the stick … What they have in common is:


Women feel biologically attracted to successful men and this has an explanation.

In the stone age, the women who won the best fisherman, the best hunter, the man who could support them and their offspring were the winners. Many style for matching couple outfits, if you want to get one can find it out here

So if you want a woman to choose you before you even choose, you need to get the feeling of being a successful man. Here’s how to do this:

How to get the feeling of being a successful man for women in two steps

1 – Define success

For a woman, it does not really matter what area you work, if it works, or what you do in your life. The important thing is that you succeed in this.

Social status is the most important and, in order to convince it, it is essential to be sincere.

So you do not necessarily have to have an occupation. Suppose you are unemployed totally without money. Okay, that’s not what’s going to stop him from winning a girl.

Think about the activities you enjoy: do you like sports, play beach volleyball, for example? So that’s your step of success. Here’s how to direct a conversation:

“I’m taking it lightly so I will not end the game tomorrow.

“Ah, you play what?”

“Me and my friends hit a ball on the beach, nothing more (false modesty).

– I love beach, do you play soccer?

“I would not take my chances, my thing is beach volleyball itself. Go there tomorrow and you will see.

– Nice! I’ll go, where will you play?

– In Ward 12, arrive early to get a place … If you want to pay me the bet, just call the Cadu that the crowd thinks to me.

– Bet? What bet …

“Until the end of the night you’re going to lose a bet for me.”

– And what will we bet?

– You do not have to hurry to know, after all you’ll lose even hehe

Okay, now you’ve made it clear that you’re successful and she’ll make it easier for you, brother!

2 – Winning stance

You will make a radical change in your presentation. I’m not just talking about clothes, but also about how to behave.

This blog is full of posts in which I talk about how to dress, what not to wear, how to walk, where to look … You can use these study materials to make up your look.

If you are too shy, initially the thing will flow better if you create a character, which is you successful.


Just a tip: do not be arrogant ever! Women hate arrogant men.

Education is a habit of the successful and you will make it clear that it is one of them following the 2 basic rules:

– Ask to get something to pick up or pick up the phone, but do it only if it really matters, because they can take advantage of the fact that you are busy to jump out.

They do not want a busy guy, they want to get attention from a successful man. Did it make a difference?

Example: “Excuse me, I need to see your ring up close (take your hand)”, “Excuse me, I’ll see if he does not bother us anymore.”

– Apologize when you make a mistake. Women love men who have the capacity to apologize, but ask only when they really need it.

Example: “Wow, I’m sorry, I did not see your purse was here,” “I’m really sorry, I understood something completely different when you said it, let’s start over then”, “I’m sorry for him, he’s a good friend, from the point in drink “.

With this image adjustment and approach you will look very successful and, best, without even telling a lie!

At the end of the night you will feel better about yourself and you will realize that success can be achieved in any area under any circumstances. What will direct your success is your own attitude.

Has she changed with you? Tips to make a woman always interested in being with you

Relationships are connections that at certain moments we have a certain difficulty in maintaining, or, for even more professional questions, we do not want to have a “contract” of dating, we want to be free. But that does not mean that the desire is to be alone.

Let’s be honest, of course, finding someone special is not a simple task, because sexual compatibility is sometimes found where we least expect it.

It’s possible to keep up cool moments, and have sporadic encounters, but let’s understand a woman’s head, if you do not keep in touch, show her that she’s “alive”, she can get off the hook and not accept your invitation, right ?! How many times have you been through this ?!

But if you follow the following tips, you will never go through this again. After all, how to keep an active conversation with a woman and so make invitations at the right time? Discover how to successfully maintain a colorful friendship relationship. If you are interested in gift for couples, you can see it more at matching couple outfits.

Tips for Attracting a Woman’s Attention

First be gentleman :

Nothing catches a woman’s attention more than well-bred men. Being a gentleman these days goes far beyond opening the door of the car, sending flowers, in fact what they even notice is being polite, understanding, knowing how to listen to others and, especially, being solicitous with strangers.

So if you want to keep “interesting” and want to keep in touch with the girl, whenever you can, be gentleman not only with her but with all other people, from the restaurant waiter to the valet, for example.

Have a sense of humor with the woman :

Good humor is, and always will be, the key to success with women, no matter what happens, always keep one thing in mind: no woman in the world bears a grumpy man.

If you want to attract women, show that one of their main characteristics is their sense of humor. 

But calm, that does not mean that making jokes like a clown will help you … but to smile more regularly, to make compliments, to laugh and to participate in amusing situations, etc.


Write down the reminder of your cell phone, never, ever, make strange sings, you’re not in a play, man!

Praise subtly when she deserves it, but never have ready-made phrases or key situations to do this, at least in the stage of attraction. For what do we want? Let her answer the messages and accept your invitations to leave.


Want to attract a woman? Do not let her feel like the last wafer in the package. In fact, do not let her see that’s what you think. The famous practice of leaving them in “water bath”, does not work (who one day said that this works?).

They realize very easily that the conversation you are having with her now may have already occurred ten minutes earlier with another girl. You must have a good chat at the time of conquest , not a cliche.

Mind the Visual: 

A man who dresses well shows that he has, besides good taste, a striking style. But dressing well does not mean wearing a suit like you’re always ready for a meeting. Click on here to come with matching couple outfits!

Being neat, it should be a daily practice and can even be made with a shirt and shorts, as long as they are in good condition.

Avoid flip-flops unless the situation requires these shoes. Under no circumstances should you leave your home in old clothes, wrinkled, smelly or torn.

And of course, hair cut, or well combed. Always remember to pass an interesting scent to the event that you go to. They will repair it, and will most certainly want to see you again.

Intelligence :

Besides good humor, another thing that attracts women is intelligence. How to hold a long conversation with her if you have no subject? Of course it will not.

Keep up-to-date, always try to find out what subjects please you, draw a subject, even if the first sentence is, “Hello, Good morning, how are you?”, Find it simple, yeah!

However, she will be curious and will answer, the problem is if you stick around, no: “Hi, okay!”, No !!!! This is just to start, then talk about the day, the weekend, tell them you remembered her … comment on the last exit they had.

Of course, it will also draw subject, and thus, you will keep more contact and more and more frequent, since more and more she will feel more comfortable in looking for you to talk.

She will continue to ask questions, if she likes you, she will want to know more about you. Pay attention to how she is involved in your conversation and tries to keep you talking by asking questions.

If she does not strive to maintain a dialogue, giving answers with just one word, it is an indication that she is not interested.

Social networks:

Nothing better to be remembered nowadays! A tanned in a photo on Instagram, or facebook, can be the seasoning for you to keep in touch.

Instagram and Facebook are gold mines of information . If you find evidence that she visits your page, such as comments on old photos or links, it is because you are looking for more information. The attraction makes her curious to know more about you.

Stay alert, because even if there is no request for friendship in the social network she may be expecting a contact in real life.

Therefore, the power to attract a woman is a skill and, like all other skills, can be developed. Training! That’s right, training, go testing … do not always use the same “form”, each woman is unique, after all, we never know what they are thinking.

Just as we were not born knowing how to drive a car or play a musical instrument, we were not born either knowing how to arouse their interest. Getting her to always treat you well, respond to your messages, have an interest in being with you is something that can be improved.

Could not you conquer, let alone keep her interested?

Know the infallible method that will let you leave any woman at your feet.

First appointments First impressions

Follamigos knows that physical attraction is very important when it comes to flirting with people, especially the first moments.

We are all judges. And what is worse, we issue verdicts without much information. That’s what happens when you look at a person who is trying to connect with us. According to a study by  John Bargh of Yale University, we only need two hundredths of a second for our brain to make a first impression about someone , classify and judge them. Bad roll, right ?. In our day to day, we are more implacable than any judge of the national audience. Let’s see what it takes to make a good impression:

  • Cleaning is basic.  It never hurts to remember. Bad odors, stains on clothes and general dishevelment do not help at all.
  • Be nice  No matter the style, but be consistent with it. If you’re going to grunge, you’re not going to fit a Channel bag. It is not a good idea to transmit contradictory feelings when meeting people. It can create discomfort for the other party.
  • Be true to your style. No one is comfortable being someone who is not and that shows in the long run. You can change your look to have a sporadic sex night , but little else.
  • Smile.  The smile is a key capable of opening a thousand doors. It transmits closeness and the will to interact at an unconscious level.
  • Shows firmness and security.  Someone sure of himself is someone attractive to the opposite sex. Do not ever think about giving the soft hand, you have to press firmly, but without exaggeration. As for the two kisses, really, that to give them in the air, without touching, is something horrible.

If you already have your partner, let think about a gift with matching couple outfits for both, your love will excited and like it.

Many people believe that they have a special ability to know people . Everyone knows someone who has said “I call people in a second”. Surely you are one of those people with such skill for psychology. Bad news: almost everyone feels that way. We look at others and select data that confirms what we feel , that is, we only pay attention to those characteristics of the other person that fit with the preconceived image we have constructed at the moment of knowing it. If we think that someone is a stingy, we will pay attention, and therefore we will remember much better, the times that person has not tipped or escaped to pay something.

When it comes to meeting people , we do something similar, we form an opinion and act according to it, let’s give a practical example:

“Juan has just found a partner in Follamigos for Saturday night. The photos that the girl has sent him are of heart attack so Juan, who knows how to make a good impression, is arranged according to his style: informal and modern, but without going overboard. A touch of final cologne and you’re ready for the appointment.

When the time comes, he sees the girl appear and realizes that she does not seem very groomed and that she looked prettier in the photos, feels a bit disappointed and deduces that she is not willing to have sex on the first date . From that moment, Juan enters a mental state of suspicion that is not going to facilitate at all the good development of the evening. Click on here to find out matching couple outfits.

The fact is that the girl has not considered very important to take care of her appearance because she is aware that she is a good lover and believes that this is enough, but the appointment does not go as neither of the two expected. Juan has become defensive and has turned out to be a lot more bland in person than through Follagos,  and she did not seem interested in judging by his appearance . The result is that they are dismissed politely. “

What happened? In short, Juan, letting himself be carried away by his first wrong impression, has lost the opportunity to have sporadic sex without compromise by misinterpreting the signals that the girl’s appearance sent him  . The two would have spent a fabled night, but prejudices and bad first impressions have prevented it.

One of the worst consequences of making an impression of how someone is so (inevitably) superficial and fast is that it costs a lot to change it, but we have to do everything possible to overcome it, so it is important to listen and be open , never You know the surprises that await us behind the facade that has left us a little cold.

Remember. The first impression counts , but it does not have to be everything.

How to go from a bad date to an excellent date

Sometimes, having an appointment becomes a nightmare. Most of us have been to at least one of them. How to do to mitigate its effects? How to learn from them? How to have fun? Keep reading.

If you are single, you are likely to have some bad appointments in the future. It’s a matter of probability, especially if you’re a demanding guy. So I thought it would be wise to outline a few tips to avoid having a date become a nightmare. Click here to see more design relating to matching couple outfits.

  1. Do not stay for dinner until the third appointment.

This is one of the most valuable tips. I do not think staying at dinner is a good idea on a first date, however much they do it at First Dates. For several reasons.

  1. The scenario is not prepared for chemistry to arise. Sitting facing each other, practically unable to touch you, looking directly into your eyes, you can feel uncomfortable and strangely confronted.
  2. A dinner can last a long time, it can be expensive and problems can arise, such as flavors you hate, throwing wine, leaving a piece of chicken with mayonnaise in your mustache, or worse, in the middle of your face. They are situations that can be funny in the third appointment, but they are almost never in the first.
  3. The most important thing is to have short and predictable appointments the first two times. How about a coffee and a walk in the old town? How about going to take a clear to a sunny place? You always have to do what the future of the event imposes, but, in principle, you protect yourself against many problems if the first ones are short.
  1. Make the conversation more interesting

When people meet for the first time, there is a litany of boring and logical questions that inevitably become: Where are you from? What do you do? Where do you live?

But relationships are not logical; They are emotional. The first and most important thing is to ask positive emotional questions. Instead of “Where did you go to college?”, Ask “What was the best party you went to in college?” To answer, your appointment will have to resort to good memories. Matching couple outfits also be great choice to have a gift for your partner.

And that’s always good.

Have wonderful things happened to you in your life? Of course I do, but does anyone ever ask you about them? Probably not.

Everyone, however gray his life, has had wonderful things in it. It’s good to ask about these things. If someone tells you that you have not had any wonderful time in your life I advise you to run away.

Pessimistic and negative people are capable

to infect his way of

see life amazingly.

  1. Do not be afraid to change places. Maybe the appointment is not going well because the place you have chosen to take something is the worst.

And where you are sometimes is determining for your mood.

For example, if you are sitting at the table, you have ordered snacks, you can barely hear your date and it is very cold in the restaurant, you may be having a disastrous date. Instead of accepting it, try to change the mood by going to a different place.   

But it is important that your appointment agree. You do not want to be like an impulsive madman who does not have the opinion of others, right?

  1. Use your failed appointment to practice your flirting skills.

It will sound weird, but if you have an appointment with someone you know you do not want to see again, then that’s where you can start having fun.

If you really like it and want to see it again, you can avoid certain topics, not go into some questions or make sure you do not drink too much. If you know you do not want to see her again, you must not be afraid of failure.

Use this to practice your skills to go out and have fun at the same time. Take out all the weird questions you’ve wanted to ask and you’ve never dared, become a character, try to have sex without compromise. Live a little.

  1. Be honest if you are having problems with the appointment.

Many times, talk about the problems you are having during the appointment, help. If you’re both having an uncomfortable conversation, you both know it. It is better to talk about it than to try not to think about the pink elephant (the date goes wrong, the date goes wrong, the date goes wrong) that has settled in the minds of the two. Sometimes admitting that the date seems a bit uncomfortable can ease the tension.

If you are having continuous clumsiness it is better to admit that you are clumsy than to try to get away from them.

Say something like: “I’m so sorry. I’m really nervous. I have not had a date in a long time, and I really enjoy talking with you. “

  1. Do not lie about a future appointment.

There is nothing worse than not knowing what went wrong. If you’re in the middle of the appointment or at the end and you know it’s not going to work, let us know.

Say something like: “I’m having a good time, but I think we’re looking for different things. I’m leaving, thanks for everything. I hope you find the right person for you. “

Do not make false promises about an upcoming appointment just to avoid an uncomfortable situation at that time.

  1. End the appointment early

If you have decided that you can not be with this person, you can finish the appointment earlier than planned. There are many ways to do it, from having your friend call you with an “emergency” or sabotaging the appointment by talking about your ex’s crazy, to graphic details about your testicular surgery and recovery.

Although the best thing is to be sincere: “Look, this is not working, I would prefer to leave.”

If you resort to the first options keep in mind that Karma is a bastard and sooner or later ends up returning things.

  1. Do not endure bad behavior

While it is good and adult to try and see if you can save the appointment, do not tolerate bad behavior. Just because you said yes you would go does not mean you are bound by contract to stay all the time. This is especially true if the person is behaving badly.

If you feel uncomfortable or feel that they are attacking you in some way, or do not stop looking at the mobile or pass you in some other way, leave without feeling guilty.

  1. Think of your well-known singles

It may be that your blind date (or after being through [PAGE-NAME]) is not right for you, but that does not mean it is not appropriate for another person. Are you sure you do not know anyone to pair with? Think of single friends you can have. Do any of them hit her? Everyone seeks happiness and perhaps you can help two other souls find it.

  1. Do not blame yourself. Congratulate yourself.

A large part of an appointment is something mental. If you have a bad date, you may feel like blaming yourself. Do not do it. Your date has become a training for later dates, not the end of the dating world championship.

Instead, you have to learn to congratulate yourself and increase your self-esteem. “I’m glad I discovered that it was not right for me before I lost more time / effort / money with it” or “At least I left my comfort zone and had the courage to cut the thing in time”.

It does not mean that it does not sting you. It will, but if you can learn to give yourself a pat on the back, it is much easier to go out and stay with people than if you start to martyr yourself.

  1. Learn to analyze yourself.

Ask yourself “What did I do well?” There can be many things: choose a good place to have the date, make the girl laugh, get good conversation topics.

While it is good to want to improve, it is also very important that you congratulate yourself for what you did well. Then, ask yourself: “What could I have done better?” Note that I did not say: “What have I done wrong?” The words we use, even in our own mind, can influence us without knowing it and, in fact, they do. Do not say you did something wrong.

However, think of some things you can do differently. Things like:

I should not have talked so much about myself.

I learned that asking about the past does not usually work.  

I would have given him a kiss on the lips instead of two on the cheek.

In this way, after each appointment, you can see what you have done and improve it for the next one.

Bad quotes happen to everyone, what matters is how to make the most of the situation.

If you are looking for a long-term partner, you will surely have some bad experiences in the process. I went on a date once and the girl said she planned to get married before six months. Another one got so drunk that I had to take her home and put her to bed.

All you have to do is be a good person and keep your sense of humor up. If you add to that your ability to turn the page, I promise you, sooner or later, you’ll find someone worthwhile.

Find it? Where?

Well sure you have hundreds and hundreds of opportunities on the web with more success in Spain dedicated to online contacts. has the most powerful filter on the market to match all those who are looking for.

No matter what you are looking for: a trio, a stable couple, sporadic sex, meetings in other cities. No matter.

Follamigos gives you the opportunity to find what you are looking for. Or that they find you. Because, you know what? It is a statistical fact.

Someone is looking for you now.

How to make laugh to the girl you like.

We’ve all heard it: if you want to flirt with a woman, the best thing is to make her laugh. But not everyone is Dani Rovira, right? Neither does he need to.

Let’s be honest: either you have it or you do not have it.

There is a great permanent philosophical discussion about talent. And the truth is that it is not clear if it is born or made.

I believe that one is born with talent, but only it is not enough, it is necessary to cure it . For example, if you want to succeed in the world of Stand Up, or monologues of humor, it is not enough to be funny, (even if it is essential) you have to work it out.

In the world of love, it’s something different: you do not have to make an effort to be funny if you are . Everything will come out naturally: the jokes and jokes will adapt to the context as it emerges.

But if you do not have much sense of humor you have to work out a strategy to make it flourish. At least if you want to make a woman fall in love or make her notice you. 

Although you have to know one thing: be punctually funny without being naturally or usual is one of the most complicated and likely to fail that exist in the world of dating.

The first thing you have to ask yourself if you want to flirt with the girl you like is what your weapons are and in what terrain you are moving.

Everyone likes to laugh , but not everyone considers it important.

If you think about a gift to your girl, why don’t choosing matching couple outfits?

There are men and women who only look at the physical either because they are pretty shallow people or because they only look for one night sex.

Other people are looking for their better half (although we have already said in previous articles that this does not exist, you are a complete being in itself) and others do not know what they are looking for.

Maybe the woman you want to flirt with is married and, even though she likes you, she feels a lot of pressure for your courtship, so she is not for many jokes. Being faithful is complicated , but being unfaithful too. 

The possibilities are endless.

The fact is that if you are not a particularly funny person but you have other weapons of seduction, maybe you should give up humor.

Never go back, never give up.

Ok, you know you can flirt with the woman you like through humor and you do not have a sense of humor, but you think you’re capable of training him.

I’ll give you a few tips.

There are many types of humor. Find out what makes you laugh and what bothers you.

Especially in these times, with the debates around the limits of humor.

It’s sad, but very few people understand that a joke, however black, is within the realm of fiction.

Say, for example, “is that Hitler has only been told the bad” can be very funny if your interlocutor knows perfectly that you think that everything related to Nazism and the Holocaust is one of the greatest barbarities in the history of mankind. Otherwise I could believe that you agree with the National Socialist ideas. And that has no hint of grace.

It ‘s easier to grace a well-known woman than one you just met.

In groups of friends there is something called private humor or comic perspective. And everyone knows the code, so many times people “from the outside” do not laugh at something that causes others hilarity.

Ligando the same thing happens. If you already know the woman you want to have more intimate contacts with, you may be able to make jokes about your life together or something that you both know.  

If you do not know her, you have to walk with feet of lead . No politics, or doing black humor , or talking bad about the boss in the case of being new in the job, or that she is new to her, and so on.

Observation is vital because it fosters the most valuable humor: spontaneous humor.

You need to have talent to tell jokes and who does it well has success assured in many social facets of life, but there is one kind of humor, the improvised, which denotes something more than skill: intelligence.

People are seduced by humor because it makes us happy and because it denotes skill and intelligence. The benefits of laughter on both a psychological and physiological level have been amply demonstrated scientifically. In fact, there is an evolutionary component in attracting people with a sense of humor.

So, look at your surroundings and “get the point” . Find the special angle of a thing or situation. Something that makes it stand out and start it from its mediocre normality .

If you have a relationship with you and the woman you want to flirt with , better than better.

He uses sarcasm, irony and exaggeration: they almost never fail.

There is a place in the world where it is almost impossible to make humor, and it is not a burial. It’s an office at ten in the morning.

The elements in an office are not very given to the comedy, but if you use sarcasm, irony and exaggeration, you can work magic.

Imagine that the boss just fired the whole team because everyone is late to work. He has raised his voice far above the usual and what the rules of the most elementary education indicate. You can comment on the bajini to the person you want to flirt with.

“I think he’s aphonic, he should take care of himself a bit.”

“As the vein in your forehead explodes, we go to lunch.”

“Today we do not leave until tomorrow”

These comments that do not have any grace (believe me, I am aware) said spontaneously and taking into account the context can generate a smile on the girl you like.

And that’s what you want.

Everything starts with a smile.

You’re not going to flirt with anyone if at least you have not pulled out a smile before. You can reach sexual agreements, have a cold and aseptic night roll, but to be really comfortable with someone, to make it worthwhile, laughter has to appear.

Get in with her.  

It’s a bit childish, but it works. It is the concept “those who fight are wanted” but without adolescent exaggeration.

If you take it too far, you encourage exactly the opposite of what you want to encourage . The sense of humor and empathy are two things that go together, irremediably. So you have to take into account your feelings and see what you are provoking.

Sticking with your soccer team the day you lose five to zero usually works unless you are the president of the club in question.

Is your bag especially big? You can say something like, “Where did you tell me you had the chalet? In that bag? “

The fact is that messing with her (carefully, elegantly) will give you clues.

“Why do you mess with me and not others?”

Not everything has to be puyas. You have to alternate them with compliments. But do not exaggerate in either extreme.

Laugh at yourself

There is one thing that is really sexy: to see a person laugh with confidence.

Let’s say you’re gay and you like a guy who is not very clear if he is gay too. There are three people in the conversation. The homophobic cocoon, you, who are gay (is an example) and the boy you like.

Many t-shirt for couples with funny quotes that you can get some to give each other a good period of time.

CAPULLO HOMÓPHOBO (pointing): Do you know that he likes to make things disappear in his ass?

THE BOY YOU LIKE (nervous): Oh yes?

YOU:  Yes, good, only those that do not have suction cups.

In this compromised situation, the homophobic cocoon has lost out. I wanted to make humor at your expense (shabby humor, as you have seen) and you have given a twist to his speech, improving it remarkably and showing an enviable security.

And that’s sexy.

iberar always generates tension relief and laughter. 

Let’s say you’re finishing dinner on a date and it’s time to pay. Take the receipt immediately and double or triple the price of the account.

“Oysters, 180 euros? There must be an error, God, 90 euros the wine! “

If you are good you can join it to the fact that you have left your wallet at home, although that will make it more unlikely unless it has been clear in the appointment that you are quite forgetful.

That will create tension. Well, by releasing it, that is, revealing that everything is a joke, that everything is within normal margins, you will generate the effect of relief and laughter.

Be careful with creating tension: you must know when to release it, otherwise the thing stops being funny .

Heavy jokes only like the one who spends them, and you do not want that.

Learn not to be afraid of the judgment of others.

If you wait to be alone with the person with whom you want to have an adventure to make her laugh you will lose many opportunities, so you have to learn not to be afraid of what they will say.

Even the best comedians in the world fail with many of their jokes. It is inevitable that it happens to them.

Having a sense of humor is almost the same as not being afraid of failure to show it.

Read the masters of comedy. Read the drama masters. Read. Watch good movies. Go to the theater.

A basic pillar of humor is to make connections with distant elements. And to make these kinds of connections you need culture. And the best way to acquire culture is to read, although, today, it sounds anachronistic.

There are many forms of art that you can consume to acquire culture, such as television series.

Here you can see an example of remote elements to make comedy: Darth Vader and an ice cream. 

What does Darth Vader keep in the freezer? Dark ice cream  

Why read the drama masters? What will Crime and Punishment have to do with humor? Well, everything and nothing.

Life and humor are inseparable and for some strange reason, pain often causes us to laugh .

The first comedies of the cinema, with Buster Keaton and Charles Chaplin at the head were situations where the protagonist did nothing more than hitting each other or getting rid of outrages and that kind of miracle tragedies.

The whole world laughed with laughter watching Charlot eating a shoe because he was about to starve.

It’s not a very funny situation, right?

Well yes it is. The best humor is that which comes from the drama .

And it is that:

If you can not do comedy with the drama, you win the drama.

Remember your goal: make him laugh to flirt with her.

Laughter does not have to be an objective in itself, but a “by-product” of your conversation with it.

An indication that things are going well.

Humor and love are two words that are very similar and have a good open relationship, but they are not the same. 

If your main goal is to make people laugh, it is very likely that you will overdo it and end up looking like an 800-pound peacock: attractive, but heavy.

Flow and play tricks when you see the opportunity. But do not stretch the chewing gum too much: it always ends up breaking.

Someone is laughing now.

Follamigos is the largest open and liberal community of people in Spain . That’s why there is such a good feeling among our users.

There is everything: people who are interested in humor and people who do not think at all in this facet of life.

You will find people that you like again.

9 Reasons why traveling with your partner will improve your relationship

9 Reasons why traveling with your partner will improve your relationship

Traveling is always something stimulating, traveling with your partner is even more. The first time that Mau and I traveled together, we left without a date back to South America. We did not know each other very much but we decided to take risks, because traveling knows people deeply.

Traveling reveals the true essence, what is beneath emotion and adrenaline. It is like the contrast liquid that allows you to reveal the photographs. You get away from the routine, the earrings, you clear your mind, you get excited for everything new. But the most special thing about traveling is that deep connections are created by shared experiences, memorable memories. That’s why when you travel with friends you end up creating much stronger bonds. But, do you imagine then what happens when you travel with your partner? Click here to find out more styles for matching couple outfits.

Here we give you 9 reasons why traveling with your partner will open a world of possibilities.

1. Get out of the routine.

New places, new experiences, new meals, new friends and even new beds. In travel there is no routine, they are universes in constant change that broaden your perspective. Traveling with your partner completely breaks the monotony, energize and energize your relationship. 

2. The time is only of the two.

Do you remember when you first met, how did you prioritize the space to share as a couple? Traveling recover those moments, everything includes both, spaces are created to share: a true quality time.

3. They know each other more.

What happens if you really share and enjoy the trip and the hours together? They learn to know each other more thoroughly, they have the time to see each other, listen and have fun in different contexts and situations.

4. Friendship is strengthened.

The moments of travel create and expand our experiences to connect with new emotions and strengthen the complicity and bonds of friendship with your partner. Living new things creates unforgettable moments that are printed in the memory of the two and have a high positive emotional component.

5. They learn to tolerate themselves more.

Being with your partner all day, especially if you are not used to it, can show you previously unknown aspects of both (And they will not necessarily be nice). Traveling teaches you to tolerate what you do not share, to accept that other version of your partner. In the end, those stupid details that could previously make you lose their meaning. That is why traveling with your partner will make you a more tolerant person. 

6. They adapt to the change.

Not everything is rosy. If there is something fixed in the trips, it is the change. What invites you to adapt. Losing luggage, a flight or money are stressful situations. This teaches you to trust your partner, the possibility of finding solutions together and adapting to the new situation are the key. Then they will remember those moments and they will be anecdotes to laugh together.  

7. Discover new aspects of personality.

Due to the constant change during travel, creativity develops more. Do not be surprised if you discover in your partner new talents or abilities that you did not know and that become new points of connection between you. Matching couple outfits is one of the best suggestion that we can have for you.

8. Stimulates intimacy.

Not only the intimacy of friendship, but also sexuality. Perhaps due to the reduction of stress, sexual appetite and stamina are increased. They are rejuvenated They unleash creativity and discover new erogenous zones, new spaces of fantasies. Have fun together, after all nobody knows them in the next room.

9. They work detachment.

When we travel, we must leave many things at home. We detach ourselves in many ways, we learn to be happy with little because we finally have what matters most … simply to each other.

That first trip was the foundation of our relationship. We have been traveling together for almost a decade and it has been the best thing that has happened to us. This is our experience and we can tell you that traveling has allowed us to know each other in depth to build our relationship. For us traveling is the best therapy when the wanderlust is activated.

Can you think of another reason to travel as a couple? 

Ten incredible ideas to make this summer with your partner.

Summer is approaching giant steps and meeting people or flirting with girls becomes a much more interesting experience than at any other time of the year, but if you already have a partner or you are going to have an appointment thanks to Follamigos, do not worry : we propose you a few ideas to have fun. Beside that you also can see more designs for couple outfits.

Summer is always an exciting time. Everyone is a little happier, you can do more outdoor activities and check the topic: love is in that air. Forget dinner and movie. Get an appointment with Follamigos and go explore the summer.

I am a great advocate of doing things when you stay with people. Dining with someone and talking about certain topics gives you information, but doing active things much more . In addition, you are exploring the world: you create new memories, increase your levels of dopamine and serotonin and interact with the world, in general.

1. The beach and other shores

Let’s start with the obvious: go to the beach. Spain has approximately 6,000 km of coastline and is the number one country in the world in this type of tourism, it will be something.

That without even counting all the ponds, rivers, streams, water wells, hot springs or waterfalls. Wherever you live, there is some kind of water more or less nearby .

I do not know why water has that relaxing effect, but I think that’s the way it is for almost everyone. Walking along the paths of the rivers, kayaking through the coves of any of our archipelagos, sunbathing on the beaches or paddling in the crystal clear lakes of the Pyrenees will relax you and give you wonderful moments outdoors . Click here if you want to get more style for matching couple outfits.

2. Water Parks

There are things that we stop doing, not because we do not want to do them, but because we are adults.

Losing that is losing freedom.

Going to a water park with a girl you have stayed with through our dating website is original and very fun.

It does not have to be on the first date, nor on the second, but the proposal will be a sure surprise.

When was the last time you lined up to do something that gave you (confess) fear?

I assure you that one day in a water park will be a rebellion against your adulthood and that, even for a day, is something wonderful.

Of course, make sure your appointment is comfortable with the idea .


From getting lost with a tent for some inhospitable place to glamping there is a great variety of types of camping, so surely there is one that adapts to your needs .

You can rent a cabin, or even go to a luxury camping with butler.

The case is to sleep under the stars and have an affair with the woman that you like most at that moment.

If you go at your own risk and camp in very isolated areas, it is better not to bring food that can be left halfway. The smell could attract the wildlife of the area. In Spain, moreover, it is illegal to camp in any area not marked for that purpose. Overnight is totally legal.

4. Local events

In summer, all cities are engaged in activities to attract tourists and retain their own citizens.

You just need to Google the words “events” and “your city” to get a giant list of things to do. But everything does not have to be art and culture.

A good search for events in your city and you will find local wine tastings, artist exhibitions, nature excursions and concerts, among many other things.

People tend to fall into the routine and their originality stays in the appointment for a few drinks.  

Summer lends itself to breaking routines .

5. Travel by car

Oh, the summer trip by road. Windows down, butt music, uncertain road.

Road travel is something that every couple has to do before they get older in a relationship.

Can you think of a better way to meet someone than spending hours and hours in the privacy of a car?

Traveling is one of the best ways to get to know your partner, besides having sex.

Does discomfort bother you? Do you enjoy both a mortadella sandwich and a more expensive menu? Is brave? Do you like adventure or do you prefer to play it safe? Do you like to go to cities or is it more for rural tourism? Do you like to go cross country or do you prefer to follow the path?

If the person you are with is a recent appointment made through our web of contacts, you do not need to plan a trip through half of Spain.

Simply, find something a couple of hours (at most) away from your city. The important thing is the change of mentality and state of mind that you get when you change your location and leave your routine.

6. Employer parties

In summer, Spain is full of patron festivities. Almost all the towns of the state have such parties in the months of July, August or September.

How about going to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain during your holidays? It does not matter that you do not know anyone.

Meeting people during a festivities is something very simple in our country. And if this is not the case, what difference does it make? You are with your partner, or with your flirt for a couple of nights, or in the middle of an extramarital adventure, it does not matter: the fun is the same.  

Charangas, verbenas, peñas, etc. If you’re Spanish, you know what I’m talking about.

You also have the best of two worlds: the tranquility and the surroundings during the day and the party and the surroundings during the night .


The classic among summer classics, so much so that it is disappearing as fast as a celluloid coil in the sun. But if you are lucky enough to live more or less near a drive-in, do not hesitate: it ‘s the perfect date .

The advantage of this appointment is that you can carry it out with a girl or boy you just met or with your stable partner. You arrive, you tune your car radio to the sound of the movies and you go to dinner while the first one starts.

In all the autocines there are crappy restaurants where you can order hamburgers and hot dogs in the purest American style. Ok, they are not very aphrodisiac foods , but you will not need them. The fact of going to a drive-in is an aphrodisiac in itself. 

The drive-in is his invention, after all. And the cinema, although it was invented by the Lumière brothers, is also something very much theirs. The third national industry, to give a datum.

The fact is that we all know what can be done in a movie theater with an appointment and we all know what can be done in a car with an appointment .

So if we unite the two things …

8.The adventure calls you

And we do not mean to have an affair with a married woman , that also, but to have an adventure date. Rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping, paragliding, hiking.

The adventure consists of having an intense and recreational activity in nature , so it will be a very complete day with segregation of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and a lot of other things that will make you feel euphoric.

And the icing on the cake: the room of a rural house with a good bathtub where two people fit and views of the forest. Wearing matching couple outfits is one of the good idea for couple.

It’s the perfect date.

9. Learn with your partner to do something new

Do you have free time? What if you learn to do something that neither of you knew how to do? Kite Surf, driving a scooter …

My partner and I learned to ride a motorcycle very recently on Kho Thao, a Thai island. It was the only way to get around if you wanted to enjoy all the attractions of the island without spending a lot of money. So we had no choice but to learn how to take a scooter.

And it was wonderful. Learning the two to ride a motorbike at the same time united us in a way we would never have thought of. It was one of the best things of the trip.

If it’s a first date or you have not been here for a long time, my recommendation in this section is to do an intensive course of something that you both like. Do you like Sushi? There are ways to learn to do it in an afternoon, from tutorials on YouTube to in-person courses in restaurants.

10.Go to a music festival

Obviously, that you like both. Do not take your partner to a metal festival if what is going is indie music. But going as a couple to a festival is wonderful.

Meet people, put piripis and listen to your favorite group is milk .

If on top of a group plays your song, it will be incredible.

Music festivals are venues where magic reigns, where everything can happen and, in fact, happens.

If your partner is recent you will go crazy to each other and if you take more time too. The trust between you both may take you to places you had not imagined.

Believe me when I tell you that the place in the world where you have the best chance of making a trio is a music festival.

Well, or in your camping area.

Stable couple or one night roll?

All the ideas presented in this article serve both situations but work best with a stable partner .

Even so, if you do not have it, or are looking for something else, do not hesitate to join the largest community of open and liberal people in Spain for free.

The men and women who join have very clear things.

Our name says it all.

How to know if your partner cheats you

We already know that flirting online is much easier than in person. But also that he lies a little more. That does not mean that if you have managed to have a stable partner thanks to I will cheat you by default. Things are a little more complicated.

How do I know if my partner cuckolds me?

As a general rule, if you ask yourself this question, you are suspicious for two reasons: either you have reasons, or you are a jealous person.

The signs that your partner is cheating vary in each case, but there are some common evidences that you can detect.

Let me tell you one thing: if you have never been a particularly jealous person and now you are beginning to suspect, you must pay attention to your intuition.

In some articles I have already talked about that, as in “How to break with your girlfriend” . Intuition is something powerful, but ungraspable and fleeting.

You have to learn to listen to it because it is your subconscious struggling to become conscious.


It was your better half, the woman or the man who completed you, your soul mate. You managed to bind with the last of your shoe, so you can not believe that now you are being unfaithful .

Well, if many of these signs are given, you should have a conversation with your partner.

1.Improve your appearance.

If your partner starts doing sports, eating well, dressing better and things like that or trying to like you or a third party more.

It is very rare for someone to change their habits without a specific purpose. You may even be the same or the same as always, but when you go to work or certain events, it will be overly fixed, compared to your usual way of doing it.

2. Secret use of the phone or computer.

Cheaters tend to use their phones and computers more often than before and protect them as if their lives depended on it. If your partner’s phone and laptop never needed a password before, and now they have it, it’s not a good sign.

If your partner suddenly starts erasing texts and cleaning your browser history every day, it’s not a good sign.

If your partner never gives up the possession of your phone, even if you take it to the bathroom is not a good sign.

If you ask to check your partner’s phone and they say no, that’s a problem too. Honestly, what could there be, apart from the information about your surprise birthday, that you would want to keep secret?

Anyway there are people very jealous of their privacy. So keep that in mind. What is strange is that he changes his way of being suddenly.

3. Periods in which your partner is unattainable .

If your partner cheats you, he is less likely to answer your calls and answer your text messages.

You may hear excuses that sound legitimate: I’m in a meeting, I was driving, I was in an area without coverage, I did not know you were trying to get in touch.

If your partner is not available while working late or on a business trip, it’s a bad sign.

4. Significantly less, or more, or different sex in your relationship .

Both the decrease and increase in levels of sexual activity in your relationship can be a sign of infidelity.

Less sex occurs because your partner is spending his energies and his libido on another person; More sex happens because he’s trying to cover up that.

Another possible sign of deception is that the sex that you and your partner are having is that you notice less emotional connection.

Another possible sign is that your partner is introducing new techniques and activities into your sex life.

As much as you enjoy it, you may be learning new tricks outside of your relationship.

5. Your partner is hostile to you and your relationship.  

The unfaithful person tends to rationalize his behavior in his own mind. One way he does this is to blame you.

He says to himself that he does not feel like when he married you, or that you are not daring enough in the bedroom, or that you do not appreciate all the wonderful things he does for you, so he deserves to have an affair. Often their internal justifications for deception are filtered and reach the relationship.

If suddenly it seems that nothing you do is right, or that things that previously did not bother your partner suddenly do, it could be indicative of something happening.

6. An altered schedule .

When your partner, who has never worked late, suddenly needs it and that fact begins to happen more and more often, he may be lying.

If your spouse has never gone on a business trip and suddenly finds the need to travel for work, that could be a sign that he has a weekend getaway with a co-worker.

Punctured tires, exhausted batteries, traffic jams, spending more time in the gym and other similar excuses for being late or absent could also be a sign of infidelity.

A cheating partner can also suddenly forget to pick up children, birthdays and other important events, etc.

7. Friends seem uncomfortable around you .

With infidelity, you, the betrayed person, are almost always the last person to find out.

The friends of the infidel often know of infidelity from the beginning, and it is likely that your own friends will find out long before you do.

So it is very likely that everyone feels uncomfortable around you. The friends of the infidel may try to avoid you or be too kind to you. The same with your own friends.

If friends are common, this multiplies. The most probable thing is that the cake will be discovered soon.

8. Unexplained expenses.

Charges on the cards, less money in the savings account, etc … If you ask your partner about these expenses and their answers seem false, it is likely that they are.

Infidelity costs money: gifts, trips, dinners, hotel rooms, etc. If you see large cash withdrawals or evidence of purchases in places that you rarely or never frequent, again, it is not a good sign.

9. There is no emotional intimacy anymore.

After a few years, no relationship is as intense as it was in the first few months.

That said, we learn to bond securely over time, learning to trust each other with our secrets, desires, and other important aspects of our lives.

This process is known as the construction of emotional intimacy. And emotional intimacy is what keeps us close to our loved ones long after the falling in love.

Therefore, if your partner suddenly seems less intimately emotional, that is a clear indication that you have changed, most likely because of an extramarital affair.

10. When you ask if you are being unfaithful, your partner defends himself by diverting attention.

If your partner cheats on you, the last thing you want to do is talk to you about it. In short, he will do everything possible to guide you to another topic, or he will turn the tables on you to blame you if you discover everything.  

If you ask about infidelity and you answer with something like: “If you trust a little more in me, maybe things would be better between us”, is manipulating you.  and you should not allow that to nullify your intuition that something is wrong in your relationship.

Nor should you automatically accept your partner’s claim that you are at fault.

As indicated above, if your instinct tells you that your partner is cheating, you are probably right.

Important: sometimes appearances deceive.

Keep in mind that your partner may show one, several or all of the signs described above and still not be deceiving you, but they are still signs that something is wrong in your relationship.  

I may not be cheated on you, but you almost certainly should talk.

Anyway, the good news is that if your partner has been unfaithful does not mean that the relationship is over. Simply that your partner has a lot of work ahead to restore your confidence in him or her.

If you find out that your partner has had an adventure, I suggest you do not stay alone with that information.

Talk to trusted friends or a couple therapist. Do not see yourself alone with the feelings, contradictory and bitter, that will overwhelm you.

And if nothing has an arrangement?

If the relationship is so deteriorated as to have to cut, do not worry. In due time (each person is different) you can enter and find exactly what you are looking for.

Follamigos is the largest open-minded community in Spain. You can make a completely free profile and start to succeed in ten minutes.

And do you know why?

Because someone is looking for you now.

10 myths and realities about traveling as a couple: can you be together for 24 hours without ending badly? Is it better to take the backpack and go alone to discover the world?


In the world of travel, it is always said that traveling alone is a marvel.

It is your opportunity to open your mind, discover other cultures and see that reality is not many times as they tell us; but … above all, it is an incredible opportunity to know yourself. If you want to know more about how you can change your life to dare to travel alone, read this post about what are for me the best advantages of traveling alone.

However, you know I’ve been almost 2 years (March 9, 2016 was when we started) going around the world with Cris. Two years in which we have traveled to 52 countries and have worked hand in hand with Travel Intelligence. Each one in his own, but always as a team.

That’s why, to the initial experience that Mónica told you about, from the Coaching Viajero blog, now I want to add ours. Enter the myths and realities that exist on this subject, as well as all the benefits of traveling as a couple.

Note: from now on you will read the story of Monica and Sergio, but at specific moments I will add how we have experienced that situation.

Trips as a couple: myths and realities of sharing the route with another person

Many people are afraid to take a trip with their partner; That is why we are usually asked questions like:

  • Is not it better to travel alone?
  • Are not you afraid of getting bored with being 24 hours a day, day after day?
  • Traveling with a partner is always cheaper?

I put you in context before continuing.

Sergio and I have been together for 15 years. We have made romantic trips as a couple, the typical getaways, but now we like to make longer trips and stay longer in each place. We sure that matching couple outfits can make you all have a great journey with partner.

From the beginning, traveling was something that united us, something we both enjoyed more than anything and that has taught us many things to each other.

After so much time together and so many trips, we have a master’s degree in traveling as a couple. As in everything, there are its good and bad moments. We always keep the good ones, but there are also complicated situations and we think it’s good to count them.

That’s why today I want to tell you the myths and realities that surround to travel as a couple if our experience helps you see if this form of travel is the best for you.

Go for it.

1.  Travel with your best friend. REALITY

For me, “your best friend” is the one with whom you have fun and enjoy spending time.

  • With which you have total confidence.
  • You can be totally honest.
  • Say what you think at every moment without taking it wrong (and if you do not like what you hear, things are spoken quietly to reach an agreement).

Thereforetraveling with him is the best thing that could happen to you .

For me, Sergio is my best friend before my boy, partner, boyfriend or whatever you want to call him. But we are also joined by a special love that makes our relationship complete and easy to travel with.

We know each other very well, we have many things in common, we have lived a lot together, and a moment has arrived, in which it is not necessary to tell us things to know what is happening. As bad as we are, a day without laughter in our lives is impossible.

Do not get confused, even so not everything is wonderful.

Something may happen that fucks you the day, that you are tired of being from one place to another and need a bit of tranquility, or simply that you do not have the best of your traveling moments.

And in those moments, having your partner is an advantage because it will make everything more bearable. He will listen to you and encourage you, or he will stay with you if what you prefer is to spend a day resting without going from one place to another.

And most importantly, he will know how to give you your space. We all need it and it is essential if you want to have a healthy relationship. Everyone must respect that the other also needs time to be with himself. 

2.  You will be able to share all the special moments. REALITY

For us, an important part of traveling is being able to  share all those unique moments and live them with the person we love. Talk, laugh and comment on what has just happened to us, get lost in the crowd and discover new places together.

There are many moments that traveling alone you think:

“It would be great to have someone right now to share this moment …”

I know because it has happened to me, and traveling with Sergio that does not happen to me.

He is always by my side to:

  • To be able to enjoy with me that landscape that leaves you breathless.
  • Live that rush that gives you when you get to a new place.
  • Laugh at me when I try a horrible meal that makes my face break down.

You will also share those moments of fearthat arise along the way and you will overcome them together. You will create special bonds among yourselves that you can not forget.

Now I take the witness

I corroborate what Monica is telling you here. In these 2 years the relationship that Cris and I have strengthened a lot. And I assure you, we are very, very different. In most cases we would not act the same, but we always respect each other and try to learn from our differences.

We have grown a lot as people on the trip and, in large part, that is thanks to having shared it together.

I could name you a billion moments; However, I have something much better that will make you see what we have lived around the world: the anniversary video of when we turn a year on the road.

 3. You will not open up to meet other people. MYTH

It is said that when you travel alone you are more predisposed and open to meet other people. Well, the truth is that after traveling as a couple as a solo, both Sergio and I consider that this depends a lot on your personality.

If you are open and you like to meet people, you will do the same .

Traveling alone does not mean that you are obliged to relate to any person you cross, as traveling as a couple does not mean that you are not going to do it with anyone else. For us to relate to other people is a basic need.

We believe that it is one of the best things that travel has to know other ways of seeing the world and living that will make your mind open. In this way you learn not to judge others , not to let yourself be guided by appearances and to realize that there are many people in the world who are worthwhile. When we have been traveling for a few days and we have not exchanged a word with anyone other than ourselves, we began to feel the need to talk with other people.

This does not mean that we can not be alone, because we are and we enjoy it equally, they are different things. We love to be both our ball, but we also like to meet people. Everything has its moment, and not only when you travel alone do you know more people, it depends solely on you.

I’m here again

Again I share what Monica says here. It is true that when you travel alone it seems that you are more predisposed, but it is also that people dare to approach you more than if you go as a group (the more people, the less contact with locals there is usually).

We not only love to talk and meet with the people we meet, but we have shared some moments of the trip with other travelers and friends.

Here you see me with Omar de la Fuente and Alfonso Rovira in Thailand.And behind the camera, Cris. 

In this other you see us when we toured Vietnam with my friends Choco and Maca.

 4.  Traveling as a couple is cheaper. MYTH AND REALITY

Are there cheap trips as a couple by definition or are they a myth?

It is clear that sharing expenses is cheaper, but it also depends on how you travel. So far the planes, trains and buses are paid individually, that is, unless you rent a motorcycle where you can both go or a car, you will not save anything. Click here to find out more style for matching couple outfits.

If you are one of those who do not like to share a room with strangers and always take an individual one, then it will be more expensive, since a double room will always be better priced when sharing expenses. But if on the contrary you do not mind sleeping surrounded by other people, you stay using couch surfing or you go with your tent and you dock anywhere , it may even come out cheaper.

Another thing is the issue of renting a house or apartment for a few days, the option to catch it just for you two is much more attractive than sharing a flat, and you’ll save yourself a dough that you just could not do yourself. Regarding food and drink I do not think there are big differences, maybe even if your partner is one of those who eat as if there was not a tomorrow, it would be expensive to pay half.

Luckily this is not our case and we compensate ourselves a lot on the subject of meals. 

 5. You can always go wherever you want. MYTH

As a general rule, it is usually said:

“Traveling with your partner is great, because you always agree to go where you want.”


That is not always the case, those who travel as a couple know it well, and whoever says otherwise is lying. Maybe we are weird bugs, but we do not always want to go to the same places, eat in the same places, or go exploring the city at the same time.

This entails:

  • Small discussions in which we will have to negotiate what is done in each moment.
  • You do not have total freedom to do what you want because you go with another person, you are a team of two and you have to think about the other person, you will not always get away with yours.

The good thing is that you do it out of love, and therefore, the sacrifice is very small.

In many occasions you will have to yield and do something that you do not want, you just have to see the positive side and enjoy with your partner what you are doing. Luckily this is not usual, you will usually want the same things and reaching an agreement will be easy.

Antonio speaks

About this I want to talk to you about another important topic: the moments that each one needs for himself.

In some moments of the trip I have missed being alone and deciding what to do on the fly. Whether to stay at home or to improvise a plan. The funny thing is that sometimes the same thing happens to Cris and he scolds me because I do not leave him enough privacy. 

Last year we separated for the first time because I went to Buenos Aires to give a talk to the DNx while Cris stayed in Sri Lanka. The experience was very cool, but it also helped us to realize how much we missed each other. This was the little face we had when we met again.

 6.  Sex assured. REALITY

In this there is no discussion. If you travel with your partner, sex is easy, you will have it whenever you feel like it. I think it’s one of the clearest advantages there is . Going alone can also be assured, but it is not the same, as a couple is always more fun.

You will also save yourself a lot of time in finding the right person and may that silly infatuations you did not intend. When you are traveling there are not:

  • Worries
  • Incompatibilities of schedules to see you.
  • Tired of work.

You only feel freedom and tranquility. Millions of occasions arise for having sex, which in your daily life does not happen due to stress and lack of time.

7. You will learn the virtue of patience. REALITY

Patience will be your great ally, because in times when things go wrong, or you get over it or things will explode. As a general rule, we usually vent or pay our frustrations and anger with the people closest to us (which we should change, because they are not to blame for the bad that happens to us).

But this happens and it is something usual in a trip.

That’s why you have to be understanding, understand the other person and take a deep breath before you start talking. Keep a proper tone is essential, have good words and no shouting.

This is learned over time, after 15 years together and thousands of complicated situations, we have learned that patience and self-control is very important.

Support each other, instead of blaming ourselves and always respect us.

What can I tell you about this?

Well I can assure you that the trip can often put your patience to the test. For example, on our trip to India, I almost got into a mess with some guys for some nonsense. And it is true that when you are angry it is easy to pay with the one you have closer.

For that reason, one of the things that I am most proud of is that in all this time Cris and I have never had a fight so that we have to separate a few hours or days.

Of course there are discussions, face-ups or fights, but we are always able to stop and talk and fix them. No matter who the error is, the important thing is that we both learn together. 

8.  Traveling as a couple you will not be able to know yourself in the same way as traveling alone. MYTH

I do not agree and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been able to:

  • To know myself very much.
  • To test myself.
  • Discover things about me that I never imagined.
  • Make me twice as strong.

Traveling you live limit situations you can go alone or as a couple. Many times being accompanied is not an advantage to overcome these difficulties, since you may also have to pull your partner. The effort and learning will be double.

For us it is essential to have our space, and spend time alone from time to time thinking or doing things that the other person does not want.

I am a crazy woman from the sea and the sunsets. I love to disconnect from the rest of humanity and live those moments, but I do not force Sergio to go with me (he sometimes prefers to stay quiet in a hammock reading or resting). Many times being in the same room everyone is at their own, we are not talking all day or pending each other.

The day has many hours.

We have our traveling independence.

Spending time alone is very important to get to know each other better and it is possible even if you travel as a couple and stay together all day.

There are moments for everything.

9. In time of travel is when more couples separate. MYTH

For me, traveling is something that I love, I enjoy doing it a lot and sharing it with Sergio is the best thing of all. Traveling we have united more, and like us there are thousands

Maybe even a trip is a reunion where you can recover many things that as a couple you had lost and you fall in love again. You will have a lot of time to talk about you, about your projects, to get to know you better.

And I can not think of a better way to do all this than traveling.

Just to separate while on a trip or just around the corner, it only indicates that that person was not the right one for you and that you did not really know it enough, nothing more. Which is a good thing because you will stop wasting time with a person you were not going anywhere with, never better.

“And that’s why it’s not good to work with your partner”

Notice that we not only travel together, but we also work. However, for me all that is not good for a couple to work together is just charlatanism. Many people throw themselves to recommend others about their relationships and, notice how curious, it is usually the ones that have gone wrong.

10. Flexibility and improvisation is only for lonely souls. MYTH

Deciding things at the last moment, changing the route or destination or venturing to know a new place, has nothing to do with traveling alone or accompanied. If the two members of the couple see life as a great opportunity to discover and live experiences from which to learn, flexibility and improvisation will be normal for you.

If there is something that has hooked us to travel, it is the possibility to decide what to do in each moment, go where we want and have nothing fixed or mandatory to do.

We are very flexible people and that does nothing but facilitate the trip as a couple.

My ability to improvise has been accentuated more since I’ve been with Sergio, because he brings me new ideas that I would not think of and vice versa.

Each day of the trip we go out knowing where we want to go, but not where we will end up or with whom, and we love that.

The best and the worst that has happened to us traveling as a couple

After all these years traveling together and having gone through many places, we have passed thousands of good and bad things. That’s why we wanted to tell you that it has been the best and the worst thing that has happened to us as a couple.


For us, the worst moments are discussions (although we soon forget them) and health problems. We had been in India for 4 days, we were in a market in Udaipur, and we had a conversation with a vendor of chai tea who ended up inviting us to one.

After seeing where they washed the glasses and the water they used, we thought it was not a good idea to drink them.

Sergio got lost in the market and got rid of the tea chai but I could not, and because I did not want to make the man ugly, I ended up literally shitting myself in the tea chai.

I spent all that night in the bathroom with vomiting, diarrhea and fever. And Sergio holding me that day and the following because the thing did not stay there and I was super weak. The trip broke down a couple of days when we could not do anything. Who was going to tell him that he would end up taking care of me under those circumstances.

But he did.

If it had not been because he was with me I do not know how he would have done it. A good thing about traveling as a couple: you will always have someone to take care of you when you get bad.

The best

One of the best feelings we have experienced and we discovered together traveling through Southeast Asia was the freedom you feel in countries like Thailand , Laos, or Vietnam; when traveling on your own on a motorcycle. I have to admit that it is Sergio who drives, I still do not control him too much and I have to beat the big milk. With the motorcycle:

  • We did not depend on anyone to move around a city.
  • We were able to get to places that were not touristy and really live with the population there.
  • There were no schedules or plans, we just took the bike and got lost with it. It is a unique feeling.

Since then, in all the countries where we go and we can rent one, for us it has become the best way to discover and know a place.

 And here goes our own ranking.

 What has not altered anything …

But we must admit that we have always had the good fortune that everything remained in a fright. Yes, I mean health.

I leave you samples of some of those less good moments.

In Taiwan, what looked like a normal belly pain turned into an appendicitis and a step in the operating room.

And here you see the luxury suite we took in Chiang Mai for a virus. The thing does not end there, I was bitten by a dog, Cris a bug made an incredible wound and we have been through a flu that left us with the 2 shelves several days with fever.

In these cases is when you realize how important it is to have insurance that responds to you. We travel from the beginning with Iati Seguros.

Those moments that make up for everything and that are unquantifiable

Since the trip started, we have experienced impressive moments. So much for the surprises that the road has given us, as for seeing that all efforts to grow Travel Intelligence paid off. There have been times when we have reached the summit, while in others we hit some reality slap.

But that is the best thing: everything that we have found we have faced together.

That’s why, from this trip as a couple I’m left with this picture.

In the post you have seen how Monica and Sergio and we live traveling as a couple. However, this is our experience and this does not mean that it will work for you. You will have to find your own formula or way.

That’s why I want to leave you the stories of other traveling couples

 What do you think? Do you have any myth or reality about traveling as a couple?

After all these myths and realities, our conclusion is that there is no perfect way to travel. There will always be something that fails, but you must  find a balance, and ours about traveling is to do it as a couple.

The good moments far outweigh the bad ones, and for us it is the most complete and happy way. Maybe at this time you do not have a partner or do not want to travel with you, from here I encourage you to do it alone, that nothing prevents you from doing what you want and be happy.

The important thing is to travel, not how you do it.

That the age, the company, the money or the fears are not an excuse for not doing it.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any special fear about traveling as a couple? What are your best and worst moments traveling as a couple?