How to make him want to see you more often – 3 tips to apply.

You find that you do not spend enough time with your man? As soon as you offer him something he does not seem particularly packed? And on his side he offers you almost nothing? In the end, you do not see each other so often. You do not spend as much time with your man as you expect and it begins to weigh you down?

You must get to tempt your man to see you more often . For this, here are several tips to apply.


To make him want to see you, start by understanding what happens!

First of all, you must try to understand what happens between him and you: why does he not want to see you? This is not an anecdotal question, it is the basis of your problem and you have to find the answer to that question. There may be multiple answers to this question: the routine may have invaded your couple, your man may have found someone other than you, he may have the impression of being locked in your relationship , That you ask too much … You must find out what is the bottom of the problem for your couple to remedy it in the best way possible.
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