You find that you do not spend enough time with your man? As soon as you offer him something he does not seem particularly packed? And on his side he offers you almost nothing? In the end, you do not see each other so often. You do not spend as much time with your man as you expect and it begins to weigh you down?

You must get to tempt your man to see you more often . For this, here are several tips to apply.


To make him want to see you, start by understanding what happens!

First of all, you must try to understand what happens between him and you: why does he not want to see you? This is not an anecdotal question, it is the basis of your problem and you have to find the answer to that question. There may be multiple answers to this question: the routine may have invaded your couple, your man may have found someone other than you, he may have the impression of being locked in your relationship , That you ask too much … You must find out what is the bottom of the problem for your couple to remedy it in the best way possible.

To find the answer to this question, you can decide to discuss it with your man but you can also analyze the situation yourself. It is your couple so you will get there without too much trouble. You just have to be careful not to draw too hasty conclusions by remaining objective in your judgment and in the answers you find. To understand what is going on you have to agree to be honest with yourself, even if it is not always easy to do.

Your problem may be due to the routine that has taken place in your couple: you both work in the morning, you get tired in the evening without necessarily want to go for a walk, offer a restaurant or Go to the cinema … and on the weekend you just want to rest. Such a situation does not make you want to share more good times with your partner … maybe this is why your man does not want to see you more often.

It may also be because your man has found another woman to share his life with. If this is the case, it is surely less and less often with you, always finds a good excuse for style, work, family or friend. But despite everything he tries to be forgiven his distance by offering you small gifts or by offering you once in a while to go see a movie in the cinema.

The answer to this question may also be due to an ill-being in your couple: it is possible that your man feels locked in your relationship, that you are too insistent towards him, that you ask too much of him. If you do not let your man breathe, spend time as he wishes with his friends, it may be that the solution he found is to distance himself from you, not to accept to see you more than what You would like to do.

Show him your attachment … subtly!

To tempt your man to see you more often you have to show him that you really like, you stick to it. You must give spice to your relationship , give the times when you see a particular hide. You have to conquer it again, show it how much it matters to you. If your feelings rise to the surface you will both want to spend more time together again.

To show your commitment, you have to start to seduce your man . And you should never stop playing the seduction card if you want to give your man the urge to see you more often. If there is no seduction in your couple, if you do not show one to the other that you desire it is normal that both you do not want to pass more time together.

To continue seducing your man you must continue to take care of yourself to be the alluring and sexy woman on whom he cracked when you met him. For this, continue to take care of your skin, continue to pay attention to your outfit when you decide to spend an evening both. You must constantly think of conquering or reconquering the heart of your man. That’s how you both will want to see you.


To show him your attachment, you must also have little touches for him. It’s a way to show him your feelings. So if you want to slip a note in his book of the moment, if you come across a small gift that could please him or something else … do not hesitate! All these little touches will allow you to get closer to each other, to make you more accomplices in order to weld your couple again.

Propose different activities

To make your man want to spend more time with you, you have to offer him different activities. And activities that you enjoy both, not just to you or him but activities in which you can both thrive. These activities should be an opportunity to get closer, to share moments together, to strengthen your complicity.

To be certain of offering him good things, you must know the tastes of your man. Even if you want to offer activities that make you change your daily life, you must respect his tastes, know what he likes and dislikes. Of course, you have the right to go wrong in your choices but if this happens too often your man will not want to spend more time with you. So you must try to find activities that best fit your man’s tastes.

To get even closer, try to offer activities that are out of the ordinary, which will allow you to break the routine and get closer all the more. If you are used to spending a lot of time one at another offer him to go out more often: bar, restaurant or just walk in a park. The important thing is that you can change your habit a bit, to get to know you better and to make you want to continue discovering yourself and spending time together.

If you do not really have any ideas to change your habits and you are both open to discovery, you can opt for the various surprise boxes to which you can subscribe. Every month or every two months you can discover new places, new activities. This will keep you from falling into routine, getting closer and having a good time together.

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