Ah, this famous question, what girl never asked it?

Rest assured, there are very simple ways to find out whether or not she likes you and believe me, it does not disappoint.

So if you are one of those babes who wonder “do I like him or not?” “I suggest you discover the 5 signs that tell you all about this and that will enable you to find the answer to your question. With these 5 signs, you can finally stop torturing your mind and really know if something is happening between you or if it is better to pass your way.

Sign 1: he is attentive

If he is attentive, that is, he listens to you AND he looks at you attentively, you can already be sure that you are interested and that he is not insensitive to what you tell .

When you tell him something, he does not interrupt you and he listens to you with an attentive ear.

He is not distracted and does not need anything else at the same time.Likewise, his eyes do not leave you and even when your gaze leaves his, he continues to look at you with the same attention without worrying about what happens around him. What interests him is you and only you.


Sign 2: it is tactile

Obviously, if it is tactile, there is no doubt that you like it!

Moreover, it is often the easiest way to show it for shy guys who have trouble expressing their feelings verbally. A guy who touches you means you like him.

Moreover, you will notice that he will take pleasure in telling his anecdotes by mimicking every situation that requires you to touch, even if it is just to touch your arm.

Physical contact is one of the first elements of seduction and you can be sure that by touch, a guy makes you explicitly understand that he is interested in you.

Sign 3: he confides

You talk about everything and nothing together but from the moment he confides, you can be sure that he is interested in you and that he trusts you by entrusting you with things of his private life.

He will tell you about his relationship with family members, some love experiences that have taught him things, certain events in his life that have made him suffer etc.

It will not hurt to show its vulnerable side and its weaknesses since it will give you full confidence and believe me, a man who confides is a man who is willing to let you in his heart and in his head .

It is all to your honor (and to his also of course)!

Sign 4: it takes the first step

In the best case, it is he who will take the first step to propose something (an appointment, an evening, a cinema or other) but if he takes the first step differently, it is valid too.

For example, he talks about a festival he wants to attend with friends of his own (which you do not necessarily know) and he proposes you to come too.

Better still, by offering you, he immediately looks to see if there are any tickets left so you can take yours as soon as possible.

There is no doubt he wants to spend time with you and it is even more positive knowing that he offers you an appointment with his friends so he is happy to introduce them to you and Conversely.

That said, even if he offers you a face-to-face meeting, it is obvious that you like him just as much!

He clearly wants to spend time with you and he shows it to you clearly.

Sign 5: he is interested in you

He is interested in you and does not just talk about him. He asks questions about you, your life, your family, etc.

He wants to know more and see if you have anything in common to be able to share even more. If he is interested in you by asking yourself various and varied questions, it is because he clearly wants to know if you have points in common that you could share or even live together.

A guy who is interested in you does not do it to please you, he does it because it is sincere and he really wants to get to know you then with that, of course, That you please him!

Here are the girls, with these 5 signs, you just have to see if they appear when you are with him and if so, all the lights are green for you.

On the other hand, beware of guys who are likely to behave like this with all the girls they meet …

Rest assured, it is easy to catch but be attentive without becoming paranos!Finally, beware also shy guys who do not necessarily manage to implement these 5 signs and that can make you think you do not like them while it’s the other way around.

As a last word: trust your instinct, it will never deceive you!

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